Monthly Archives: January 2008

Patio heaters and Standby mode

BBC: Euro MPs back patio heaters ban

Language learning

EurActiv: EU to promote language learning as ‘leisure’

New visitor centre

theParliament: New visitor centre set to open in EU parliament

Slovakia row

EUobserver: Internal row in Slovakia threatens EU treaty

Treaty threat dropped

BBC: Slovak MPs drop EU treaty threat

Work in Progress

Article by Almut Möller from the CAP: Work in Progress: The EU’s Institutional Design

Treaty ratification in Slovakia?

BBC: Slovakia row threatens EU treaty


EurActiv – “Hands” project nominated: E-gov: When the town hall has all the answers you need

Treaty ratified

EUobserver writes on Slovenia and Malta ratifying the EU treaty

Speeding up negotiations

EUobserver reports on Croatia: Croatia wants EU to speed up membership negotiations