Monthly Archives: February 2008

Bosnia-Herzegovina makes progress

EurActiv: Bosnia-Herzegovina makes progress on EU membership

‘Semantic shift’ over Mediterranean Union

EurActiv: France in ‘semantic shift’ over proposed Mediterranean Union

Highs and lows of globalisation

TheParliament: EU sees highs and lows with globalisation

Legitimacy problem

EUobserver: Barroso admits legitimacy problem for commission president post

Questions about democratic innovations

EUobserver: Top German judge questions democratic innovations to EU treaty

European social model challenged

EurActiv: European social model challenged by Court rulings

Dublin agrees wording for EU referendum

EUobserver: Dublin agrees wording for EU treaty referendum bill

Europe on the air

European Commission press release: Europe on the air: a network of European radio stations, is launched

Data protection and privacy concerns

EurActiv: ICT: EU acts on growing privacy concerns

“Travelling circus”

EUobserver: EU petitions committee debates Brussels-Strasbourg ‘travelling circus’