Monthly Archives: April 2008

Choose ‘greener’ products

EurActiv: Labels to help consumers choose ‘greener’ products

Irish polls narrowing

EUobserver: As polls narrow, Irish PM warns of ‘disaster’ if EU treaty defeated

Top jobs for new member states

TheParliament: Buzek wants EU top jobs for new member states

Commission goes audiovisual

EurActiv: Commission goes audiovisual to communicate Europe

European Commission Press release: European Commission seeks to improve its communication via audiovisual media

European Union – White paper consultation

Next EU parliament chief

EurActiv: Speculation rife over next EU Parliament chief

Treaty updates

EurActiv: Clear votes for new EU Treaty in Denmark, Austria and Germany

EUobserver: EU treaty set to be examined by Czech and German courts

Danmark and Germany back treaty

BBC: Danish, German MPs back EU treaty

Biofuels and food crisis

EUobserver: EU commission investigates link between biofuels and food crisis

Choosing ‘Mr. Europe’

EurActiv: Choosing ‘Mr. Europe’

EU justice job goes to France

TheParliament: Tensions in Italy as EU justice job goes to France