Monthly Archives: May 2008

Political “MySpace”

EUobserver: EU plans ‘political MySpace’

Europe’s final goals

EurActiv: The EU on a quest for meaning: What are Europe’s final goals?

Ireland and the Treaty

SpiegelOnline: Is Ireland on Brink of Rejecting EU Treaty?

50 years of the EESC

Rapid press release: 50 years of the EESC: look into the past for future inspiration

Euro-Mediterranean cultural strategy

Rapid press release: Culture Ministers discuss creation of a joint Euro-Mediterranean cultural strategy

Lobbyists register

EurActiv: Commission’s lobbyists register to ‘serve as testing ground’

Migration pact

EUobserver: France pushes for hard-nosed EU migration pact


FAZ: Eine Frage der Freiheit

Biofuels targets

EUobserver: Biofuels targets face cross-party criticism in Brussels

Small EP groups

EurActiv: Small political groups face EU Parliament ban