Monthly Archives: June 2008

Roma fingerprinting

EurActiv: Council of Europe blasts Italy over Roma fingerprinting

Daily frustrations

EurActiv: Report reveals EU citizens’ daily frustrations

Barroso im Gespräch Barroso im Gespräch: „Die Euroskeptiker beherrschen die Debatte“

EU to scrap Cuba sanctions

EU Observer: EU agrees to scrap Cuba sanctions

Trade talks

EU Observer: Latin America could halt EU trade talks over return directive

Tougher conditions for future enlargement

EurActiv: MEPs eye tougher conditions for future enlargement

What next?

EurActiv: What next? How to save the Treaty of Lisbon

Fundamental rights: First annual report

EUMC: Use the full potential of the EU’s anti-discrimination legislation, says Fundamental Rights Agency in its first Annual Report (24-06-2008)

Treaty on renewables

EurActiv: Greens call for EU treaty on renewables

French pessimistic

EUobserver: Majority of French pessimistic about their country’s EU presidency