Monthly Archives: August 2008

Calls for one EU parliament

TheParliament: Roof collapse prompts renewed calls for one EU parliament

Africa climate meeting

EurActiv: Modest progress at Africa climate meeting

Fair education

BBC: Roma’s struggle for fair education

No swift revote

EUobserver: Ireland shoots down idea of swift Lisbon revote

Political reality

EurActiv: Interview: ‘Political reality hampering Sarkozy’s EU ambitions’

Referendum Phobia

C.A.P.: From Referendum Euphoria to Referendum Phobia
The Hebrew University International Law Research Paper No. 05-08 by Sarah Seeger

Lisbon Treaty revote

BBC: Irish ‘need new EU treaty vote’

EurActiv: Ireland opens debate on Lisbon Treaty revote

Summit on EU-Russia relations

EUobserver: France calls summit on EU-Russia relations

East-West relations

EurActiv: Merkel asked to take lead in reshaping East-West relations

EU peacekeepers

EurActiv: MEPs call for EU peacekeepers in Georgia