Monthly Archives: October 2008

The art of communication

EUobserver: Marcus Aurelius and the art of communication

Eurostat regional yearbook

Rapid press release: Eurostat regional yearbook 2008. EU27 regions under the magnifying glass

Socialist election manifesto

EurActiv: Socialists put finishing touches on 2009 election manifesto

Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan

Rapid press release: Energy for the Future of Europe: The Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan

“Green” energy technologies

Rapid press release: Fostering “green” energy technologies: Leading EU research institutes launch the European Energy Research Alliance

Electoral reform

EurActiv: MEP: ‘Radical’ electoral reform ‘badly needed’ for 2014

Regional ‘cohesion’

EurActiv: Regional ‘cohesion’ Green Paper draws first reactions

Lobbying in the new EU countries

EurActiv: Developing and regulating lobbying in the new EU countries

Czech euro adoption

EUobserver: Crisis will delay Czech euro adoption, says bank chief

Declaration against death penalty

Rapid press release: European Union signs declaration against death penalty