Monthly Archives: November 2008

European Union and citizenship

Rapid press release: “European Union and citizenship”: Commission launches competition aimed at all young people in European Union

Ireland: new referendum?

EurActiv: Irish parliament clears path to new Lisbon referendum

Faiths in climate change summit

BBC: Faiths in climate change summit

Europe ‘needs simple language’

EurActiv: Mayor: Europe ‘needs simple language’

Switzerland joins Schengen

Deutsche Welle: Switzerland to Join Schengen, Eliminate Border Controls

European Voice: Switzerland set to join passport-free zone

EU translation prize

European Commission: Juvenes Translatores 2008 – Day of the contest

‘Green’ economic recovery

EurActiv: EU eyes tax breaks to ‘green’ economic recovery

Treaty given green light

EurActiv: Lisbon Treaty given green light by Czech court

Parliaments slow in going online

EUobserver: Parliaments are slow in going online, study shows

Lisbon ruling postponed

EuropeanVoice: Czech court postpones Lisbon ruling