Monthly Archives: December 2008

Liverpool’s year of culture

BBC: Liverpool’s year of culture

Eurozone takes on 16th member

EUobserver: Ten years on, eurozone takes on 16th member

Work on ‘three Es’

FT: Czechs to work on ‘three Es’ in EU presidency

Eurosceptic becomes EU President

BBC: Eurosceptic becomes EU President

Creative solutions

European Commission: 2009 is the European year of creativity and innovation

European Year 2009 website

Situation dans l’Est de la RDC

European Council: Déclaration sur la situation dans l’Est de la RDC (PDF)

Sarkozy’s stage

FT: Sarkozy’s stage

What the EU has done

EU Commission: What the EU has done for you in 2008

Latvia to receive financial aid

FT: Latvia to receive €7.5bn in financial aid

New Lisbon hurdle

BBC: Czech PM raises new Lisbon hurdle