Monthly Archives: March 2009

‘Greener’ Lisbon Agenda

EurActiv: Rodrigues: EU needs ‘greener’ Lisbon Agenda

EU development aid

Rapid press release: Commission welcomes rise in EU development aid in difficult economic times but warns that efforts must be stepped-up

Czech paralysis

FT: Czech paralysis will not infect EU

EU to probe web user profiling

FT: EU to probe web user profiling by advertisers

Election billboards

EUobserver: EU to start putting up election billboards

Throw-away culture

EurActiv: Commission wants to scrap ‘throw-away’ culture

European mobile data prices

BBC: European mobile data prices set

Spring Day for Europe 2009

Rapid press release: Spring Day for Europe 2009: school students invited to take part in dialogue on future of Europe

Europe on ‘autopilot’

EurActiv: Europe on ‘autopilot’ as Czech government falls

Attempt to block Le Pen

EUobserver: MEPs attempt to block Le Pen from becoming parliament ‘father’