Monthly Archives: May 2009

Low Polish turnout

EurActiv: EU elections: Low Polish turnout in sight

Be ‘visionary’ with Ukraine

EurActiv: Europe urged to be ‘visionary’ with Ukraine

Recent achievements

EU Commission: Commission reports on recent achievements

Crisis damaging human rights

EUobserver: Economic crisis damaging human rights, report says

Energy: EU’s big failure

EUobserver: Energy policy – EU’s big failure in the past 50 years

Safeguarding financial stability

European Commission: Safeguarding financial stability

Increase turnout at EU elections

EurActiv: ‘Positive’ poll shows MEPs can increase turnout at EU elections

Anti-discrimination plans

EurActiv: Businesses urge EU to drop anti-discrimination plans

Blue Card scheme

EUobserver: EU adopts Blue Card scheme for skilled migrants

EU-Russia summit

European Commission: EU-Russia summit. Energy, security and trade top the agenda.