Monthly Archives: June 2009

A recycling society

EurActiv: Towards a recycling society

Return of the bendy cucumber

Rapid press release: The return of the bendy cucumber: ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables back on sale from 1st July

Don’t stigmatise Bulgaria, Romania

EurActiv: French warn against stigmatising Bulgaria, Romania

“Click a Tree”

Rapid press release: EU launches “Click a Tree” campaign

EU biowaste directive

EurActiv: EU biowaste directive moves a step closer

Accounting and auditing

European Commission: Accounting and auditing: Commission takes action to ensure that Member States implement EU rules

Turkey seeks to revive EU bid

EUobserver: Turkey seeks to revive EU bid


Committee of the Regions: Think.Act.Change


Turkey to open new chapter

EuropeanVoice: Turkey to open new chapter in EU membership talks

Sweden gears up

BBC: Sweden gears up for EU challenges