Monthly Archives: July 2009

EU-funded media

EUobserver: EU-funded media – not just propaganda

Lifelong learning

Cedefop: Lifelong learning in the European Union is stagnating

EU elections seen as irrelevant

EurActiv: EU elections seen as irrelevant, survey finds

EU-AU Scientific Partnership

Rapid press release: EU-African Union Scientific Partnership: €63 million to support research for Africa

Environmental impact of products

Rapid press release: Europeans overwhelmingly consider the environmental impact of products they buy

Extra EU summit

EuropeanVoice: Swedes prepare for extra EU summit in September

End ‘EU propaganda’

EurActiv: Sweden’s Reinfeldt urged to end ‘EU propaganda’

EUobserver: Swedish think-tank denounces EU ‘propaganda’

Political cynicism

EUobserver: Political cynicism marred EU vote turnout

EU hedge fund rules

FT: Draft EU hedge fund rules to be revised

Future green policies

EurActiv: EU launches reflection on future green policies