Monthly Archives: September 2009

European literary prize

EUobserver: First-ever European literary prize awarded

EurActiv: Authors receive EU literature prize

Czech move to block treaty

BBC: New Czech move to block EU treaty

EUobserver: Czechs warned on commissioner as new treaty challenge filed

Europe’s Roma minority

EurAciv: Education ‘key’ for Europe’s Roma minority

Irish No will not stop Europe

EUoserver: Irish No will not stop Europe advancing, says France

Roma education policies

EUobserver: Roma education policies don’t work at local level, experts say

Social agenda

EUobserver: Member states holding back social agenda, says Barroso

EU Prize for Literature

Rapid press release: The new European Union Prize for Literature puts twelve emerging European authors in the limelight

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

CEPS: The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights: Priorities and Challenges

Call for passion

EurActiv: Irish business lobby in final push for ‘yes’ vote

FT: Call for passion from Lisbon backers

Underwhelming G20

EurActiv: Underwhelming G20 agrees on IMF quotas