Monthly Archives: December 2009

Copenhagen failure

EUobserver: Copenhagen failure ‘disappointing’, ‘shameful’

EuropeanVoice: Climate deal disappoints EU


EU documents to be made public

EurActiv: Parliament pushes for all EU documents to be made public

Fight for EU social agenda

EurActiv: Barroso pledges ‘to fight’ for EU social agenda

Scam with the wind

PressEurop: Scam with the wind

Interesting presidency

PressEurop: Sweden – Quite an interesting presidency

Desmond Tutu

EUobserver: Archbishop Tutu: Rich nations ‘condemning Africa to incineration’

Europe for dummies

EurActiv: EU tips from the author of ‘Europe for dummies’

Tobin tax

FT: EU leaders urge IMF to consider Tobin tax

National identity is…

PressEurop: National identity is…

Justice and home affairs

EUobserver: Europe moves toward single area on justice and home affairs