Monthly Archives: January 2010

Greece bail-out

FT: EU reluctantly plans Greece bail-out

EU emission reduction targets

European Commission: Climate change: European Union notifies EU emission reduction targets following Copenhagen Accord

MEPs agree working relations

EuropeanVoice: MEPs agree working relations with Barroso

Sceptical about the Euro

EurActiv: Central Europeans more sceptical about euro

Turkey accession

EurActiv: Europeans confused about Turkey accession

Presidency priorities

EurActiv: Belgium, Hungary set EU presidency priorities

Democratising the EU

EUobserver: Democratising the European Union

New Bulgarian commissioner-designate

European Commission: Kristalina Georgieva is new Bulgarian commissioner-designate

MEPs clear 25 out of 26 nominees

EUobserver: MEPs clear 25 out of 26 commission nominees

Change the Union

Presseurop: A million citizens can change the Union