Monthly Archives: May 2010

Czech political map

EurActiv: New parties ‘re-write’ Czech political map

Retirement age

EUobserver: Brussels suggests raising retirement age for EU citizens

Disunited in stereotypes

PressEurop: Disunited in stereotypes

European SME week

European Comission: Small businesses centre stage for European SME week

Old World, New World

PressEurop: Old World, New World

Constitutional change

EUobserver: Sarkozy proposes constitutional change to limit deficits

Bank transaction tax

EuropeanVoice: Socialists launch petition for bank transaction tax

EU’s ‘one voice’

EuropeanVoice: Row over who provides the EU’s ‘one voice’

Brussels’ EU capital role

EurActiv: Brussels’ EU capital role seen as irreversible

Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Rapid press release: EU seeks rapid ratification of UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities