Monthly Archives: August 2010

Clear path to EU law

EurActiv: German Constitutional Court clears path to EU law

The union needs leaders

Trouw via Presseurop: The union needs leaders

Communication ‘revolution’

EurActiv: Commission plans communication ‘revolution’

EU popularity plunges

EUobserver: EU popularity plunges right across the bloc

EurActiv: Europeans losing faith in EU

Need for immigrants

TAZ via Presseurop: Government hobbles need for immigrants

Roma people living in the EU

Rapid press release: Roma people living in the EU: Frequently asked questions

Poland’s power plans

EurActiv: Poland’s power plans worry environmentalists

Old boys club

EUobserver: Old boys club dominates EU diplomacy

Future of cohesion policy

EurActiv: Future of cohesion policy sparks EU row

France: ‘immigration’ summit

EUobserver: France invites handful of ministers to ‘immigration’ summit