Monthly Archives: September 2010

Europe revolts against cuts

La Tribune via Presseurop: Europe revolts against cuts

Fines for deficit states

EUobserver: Fines for deficit states more likely under EU plans


Rapid press release: Ombudsman: New strategy for greater involvement of citizens and civil society

Ombudsman: Citizens have a right to know what the EU administration is doing

EU lobby register wildly inaccurate

EUobserver: EU lobby register blasted as wildly inaccurate

Diversity and solidarity

Les Echos via Presseurop: Diversity and solidarity – happy bed-fellows?

Hungary to focus on jobs

EurActiv: Hungary to focus on jobs, Roma as EU president

Fundamental rights

EUobserver: In defence of fundamental rights

Languages for business

European Commission: European Day of Languages 2010: Languages for business

The future of cultural policy

EUobserver: The future of cultural policy – a future for the EU?

Cuban nominee

EUobserver: EU human rights prize could impact Cuba relations