Monthly Archives: November 2010

Another Irish crisis – prison conditions

Irish Prison Chaplains Report 2010

What kind of ‘Wikileaks’

U.S. Expands Role of Diplomats in Spying


Passions roused by ‘austerity measures’

A blog from Presse-Europe. Resentment, anger and sarcasm in one cocktail

The IMF has such good taste

An economic union between EU & Russia?

Putin proposes Russia-EU union

Ireland’s stark ‘austerity’ plan

Dublin unveils radical austerity programme


It couldn’t happen, could it?

A brief and provocative hint at a ‘worst case’ scenario

It Couldn’t Happen, Could It?

Ireland’s Crisis or the banks’ crisis?

A sharp debate: do the banks gain from the ‘bail-out’?

The bitter taste of bailout


CAP – Options for reform

European Commission: CAP – Options for reform

Irish bail-out

EUobserver: Irish bail-out in one week, Bulgarian deputy PM says

Cooperation is new leitmotiv

EurActiv: Cooperation is new EU leitmotiv, says Van Rompuy