Monthly Archives: December 2010

Khodorkovsky sentence

EUobserver: Russia defies EU diplomacy on Khodorkovsky sentence


Charge your mobile

Rapid press release: Commission welcomes new EU standards for common mobile phone charger

Estonia adopts the euro

European Commission: Estonia adopts the euro

Chinese takeovers

EUobserver: EU industry chief voices need to block Chinese takeovers

The EU is a car

Presseurop: The EU is a car

The EU and you in 2010

European Commission: The EU and you in 2010

Hungary’s contentious media law

EurActiv: EU speechless over Hungary’s contentious media law

Schengen blockade

EurActiv: Romania fumes at Franco-German Schengen blockade

Central Europe presidency year

EurActiv: Hungary kick-starts ‘Central Europe presidency year’

National interest

EUobserver: ‘Leaders putting national interest ahead of Europe,’ says EU Parliament