Monthly Archives: January 2011

Energy-savings law

EuropeanVoice: Commission to push for energy-savings law

Data Protection Day

Rpaid press release: Data Protection Day: guaranteeing individuals’ privacy rights

Scarce resources

European Commission: Doing more with scarce resources

Greek asylum system

EuropeanVoice: Greek asylum system in disarray

Schengen enlargement process

EUobserver: MEPs want bigger say in Schengen enlargement process

Raw materials plan

EurActiv: EU vows to tackle ‘blood minerals’ in raw materials plan

EU asylum system

EUobserver: Human rights court deals blow to EU asylum system

Rethinking the Med

Le Monde via presseurop: After Tunisia, rethinking the Med

Recycling society

Rapid press release: EU moving towards ‘recycling society’ but room for progress remains

EU ‘civil society’ body

EUobserver: EU ‘civil society’ body rebuffs call for its eradication