Monthly Archives: January 2011

‘Damned’ stress tests

EurActiv: Finance ministers split on ‘damned’ stress tests


Back to school!

European Commission: Back to school!

Commission’s new ethics code

EUobserver: Commission’s new ethics code won’t stop abuses, critics say

America on Europe

The New Yoerk Times via Presseurop: At the heart of the Euromess

EU’s southern pipelines

EuropeanVoice: Azerbaijan pledges gas for EU’s southern pipelines

Targets for growth

EurActiv: EU sets yearly targets for growth in member states

United States of Europe

EUobserver: Joschka Fischer: United States of Europe is the only way to preserve EU influence

Scrapping EU institutions

EUobserver: Liberals suggest scrapping some EU institutions

Digitisation of art

EUobserver: EU looks to private sector to fund €100bn digitisation of books, art

A late great dissident

Lidové Noviny via Presseurop: Tribute to a late great dissident