Monthly Archives: April 2011

Free movement

Rapid press release: Free movement: workers from eight Member States that joined EU in 2004 finally enjoy full rights


EuropeanVoice: Green lawyers call for greater accountability

Push for Schengen revision

EuropeanVoice: France and Italy start push for Schengen revision

European mercenaries

EUobserver: European mercenaries fighting for Gaddafi, expert says

Recession cut EU CO2 emissions

EurActiv: Recession cut EU CO2 emissions by record 7.2%


EUobserver: Croatia moves closer to EU membership, Turkey stalls

Pan-European lists for the EP

EUobserver: Call for Europeans to elect 25 MEPs from EU-wide list

Data Retention Directive

Rapid press release: Data Retention Directive

EU summits

EUobserver: MEPs suggest Van Rompuy shift EU summits to Strasbourg

Culture in the EU27

Rapid press release: Culture in the EU27 Cultural statistics in the spotlight