Monthly Archives: April 2011

Embargo on Libya

EurActiv: EU imposes full oil and gas embargo on Libya

.eu domain

TheParliament: Kroes hails .eu domain as a ‘real, tangible’ success

EU military role in Libya

EUobserver: Foreign ministers wary of EU military role in Libya


TheParliament: MEPs ‘should be banned from jobs involving lobbying’

EU border agency

EUobserver: EU border agency keen to send back more Tunisians

.eu domain names

EurActiv: Number of ‘.eu’ domain names doubles over 5 years

Data protection

Rapid press release: European Data Protection Commissioners insist on the need for a comprehensive EU approach to data protection

EU in trouble

El PaĆ­s via Presseurop: EU in trouble

Global governance

EurActiv: The EU’s role in global governance

Democratic explorers

EUobserver: Democratic explorers