Monthly Archives: May 2011

G8 summit

European Commission: Setting global goals at the G8 summit

Warning against intolerance

TheParliament: Van Rompuy warns against ‘intolerance and selfishness’

MEPs’ budgetary wishlist

EUobserver: MEPs’ budgetary wishlist likely to irritate states

Nuclear ‘stress tests’

EUobserver: EU reaches uneasy compromise over nuclear ‘stress tests’

European Neighbourhood Policy

Rapid press release: A new and ambitious European Neighbourhood Policy

Intellectual Property Strategy

Rapid press release: Intellectual Property Strategy – Frequently Asked Questions

Southern Mediterranean

Rapid press release: Southern Mediterranean: towards a new era of dialogue and partnership

Code of conduct for MEPs

TheParliament: EU parliament set to unveil new code of conduct for MEPs

Green week 2011

European Commission: Green week 2011 – getting more out of using less

Polish presidency priorities

TheParliament: Tusk sets out Polish presidency priorities