Monthly Archives: September 2011


EurActiv: Human Rights Watch slams France on Roma

Eastern Partnership

EUobserver: Taking the Eastern Partnership further


Renewing Europe

European Commission: Renewing Europe

TheParliament: EU leaders warn of ‘serious’ threat to future of the EU

Erasmus Mundus

Rapid press release: EU response to the Arab Spring: Erasmus Mundus

Telecoms access prices

EurActiv: Brussels to begin telecoms access price battle


Rapid press release: European Commission and Council of Europe sign declaration on multilingualism

European day of languages

European Commission: European day of languages marks 10th year

Supporting civil society

Rapid press release: A need for a new democracy and a new growth model Euromed: Democracy means supporting civil society

Schengen enlargement

EUobserver: Bulgaria and Romania’s Schengen bid vetoed


La Libre Belgique via Presseurop: Countries cutting off Europe’s poor