Monthly Archives: October 2011

Chinese money

EuropeanVoice: EU seeks Chinese money

Democracy is at stake

Le Monde via Presseurop: J├╝rgen Habermas: democracy is at stake

Sakharov Prize 2011

European Parliament: The Arab Spring wins Sakharov Prize 2011

Zero hour for the euro

Presseurop: Zero hour for the euro has come

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rapid press release: Corporate Social Responsibility: a new definition, a new agenda for action

Education trends 2000-2009

Rapid press release: Education trends 2000-2009

Treaty change

EurActiv: Treaty change comes back on EU’s agenda

EU food aid cuts

EUobserver: EU to cut food aid for the poor

A ‘realistic’ EU budget

TheParliament: Buzek and Barroso join forces in calling for ‘realistic’ EU budget

Connecting Europe

European Commission: Connecting Europe

Rapid press release: Connecting Europe: The new EU core transport network