Monthly Archives: January 2012

Opening minds for 25 years

Rapid press release: Erasmus: changing lives, opening minds for 25 years

Czechs abandon EU fiscal pact

EUobserver: Czechs abandon EU fiscal pact, for now

Help make EU law

European Commission: Help make EU law

A newspaper for the Europe

Presseurop: A newspaper for the Europe of tomorrow

Trust collective wisdom

EurActiv: Citizens’ Initiative: Trust collective wisdom

Online privacy rights

European Commission: More safeguards for online privacy rights

Young People and the Web

Gazeta Wyborcza via Presseurop: “Web is foundation of young people’s lives”

A European absence

Financial Times blog: In big Obama speech, a European absence

‘Right to be forgotten’ law

EUobserver: Reding proposes ‘right to be forgotten’ law

European energy policy

Rapid press release: Towards a truly European energy policy: take the bull by the horns, says the EESC