Monthly Archives: March 2012

Europe’s ‘killers’

EurActiv: Delors points the finger at Europe’s ‘killers’

Derivatives regulations

EurActiv: MEPs back sweeping derivatives regulations

Summer vote on ACTA

TheParliament: EU parliament ‘on track’ for summer vote on ACTA

A virtual European salon?

Dagens Nyheter via Presseurop: When will there be a virtual European salon?

How to attract top economists

EUobserver: EU commission struggling to attract top economists

European petitions

EurActiv: European petitions in search for ‘helpdesk’ anchored in civil society

Data protection

Süddeutsche Zeitung via Presseurop: Personal data vacuum cleaner

First citizens’ petition

EUobserver: First citizens’ petition set to be on water

Social single market

EurActiv: Social single market triggers fighting talk

Reconcile citizens with political class

Der Spiegel via Presseurop: President Gauck seeks to reconcile citizens with political class