Monthly Archives: April 2012

Fair trial rights

Rapid press release: Fair trial rights: European Commission proposal giving citizens the right to information in criminal proceedings to become law

Human trafficking

EUobserver: Sales of women and girls booms in Europe

Free movement

Rapid press release: Free movement: Commission asks the UK to uphold EU citizens’ rights

EU countries scrap ethics clause

EUobserver: EU countries scrap ethics clause in EU funds

‘open’ debate on ACTA

TheParliament: EU parliament president calls for ‘open’ debate on ACTA

European finances

EUobserver: European finances still in bad shape, statistics show

Ombudsman event

Rapid press release: Ombudsman event: European citizens can tweet their live questions to Barroso, Schulz, Thorning-Schmidt

EU super-president

EUobserver: Ministers ponder creation of EU super-president

EU human rights ‘czar’

EurActiv: Parliament paves way for EU human rights ‘czar’

A federal Europe?

EurActiv: Attali: A federal Europe is the only way out of the crisis