Monthly Archives: May 2012

Irish poll

EUobserver: Irish head to polls on fiscal treaty

‘Restarting’ European democracy

EurActiv: Schulz pleads for ‘restarting’ European democracy

Rights for ‘vulnerable consumers’

EurActiv: Danish MEPs champion new rights for ‘vulnerable consumers’

Resource-efficiency roadmap

EurActiv: Parliament backs resource-efficiency roadmap

Roma still on the margins

Presseurop: Roma still on the margins

Being green pays off

EurActiv: EUrid: Being green pays off in increased competitiveness

Cyber security

EurActiv: Internet guru warns users to play safe

‘Eurobonds’ debate

EurActiv: Hollande to push ‘Eurobonds’ debate at EU summit

e-identities for EU citizens

EurActiv: Brussels wants e-identities for EU citizens

EU-Turkey agenda

Rapid press release: Positive EU-Turkey agenda launched in Ankara