Monthly Archives: June 2012

Greener EU budget

EurActiv: Danes make ‘serious opening’ for greener EU budget

Europe attracting fewer immigrants

EUobserer: Europe attracting fewer immigrants

Eastern Partnership

European Commission: Enhanced cooperation in the Eastern Partnership: the Eastern Partnership Integration and Cooperation (EaPIC) programme

Growth Compact

EurActiv: EU leaders set to adopt Growth Compact

Life after Rio

EurActiv: Life after Rio: ‘No excuse to do less’

Ethics code for eurocrats

EUobserver: EU watchdog sets out ethics code for eurocrats

No monopoly on democracy

De Standaard via Presseurop: Europe has no monopoly on democracy

EU banking overhaul

EurActiv: G20 backs EU banking overhaul to fight crisis


EUobserver: EU: No flexibility until Greek government in place


Rapid press release:  A citizens’ guide for the Rio+20 summit An innovative publication and four videos telling stories about sustainable development statistics