Monthly Archives: July 2012

EU investigates ECB’s Draghi

EurActiv: EU investigates ECB’s Draghi following complaint

Euro-saving operations

EUobserver: Euro-saving operations due within ‘days,’ says Juncker

EU’s new human rights envoy

TheParliament: Former MEP chosen as EU’s new human rights envoy

‘Grexit’ speculation

EurActiv: Barroso visits Athens amid ‘Grexit’ speculation

Turkey’s evolving relationship

EurActiv: Turkey’s evolving relationship with Europe

MEP code of conduct

TheParliament: EU parliament president urged to carry out review of MEP code of conduct

Troika in Greece

EUobserver: Troika in Greece amid renewed euro-exit talk

EU budget fraud

European Commission: Common rules against EU budget fraud

Rule of law

EUobserver: Romania and Bulgaria continue to flout rule of law

Media and democracy

Presseurop: Public uninterest journalism