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Greek bailout terms

EUobserver: Greek PM to ask for softer bailout terms


ESM ratification

EurActiv: Commission plays down risk of ESM ratification delay

Enlargement brings ‘positive news’

EurActiv: Füle: Enlargement brings ‘positive news’ in times of crisis

Europe and the Olympics

Presseurop: Europe and the Olympics

Social movements

La Croix via Presseurop: The “indignados” go home quietly

Romanian Court under pressure

EzrActiv: Romanian Court under pressure, seeks help from Europe

Banking union plan

EurActiv: Brussels to lay out banking union plan by early September

Mario Draghi

El País via Presseurop: Mario Draghi — saviour or executioner?

Time for the European Spring

Polityka via Presseurop: Time for the European Spring


The Irish Times via Presseurop: Europe isn’t turning extremist