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EU to hold atheist summit

EUobserver: EU to hold atheist and Freemason summit

Work-free Sundays

EUobserver: Commission pressed to protect work-free Sundays

Benedict XVI address to Diplomatic Corps

In this annual survey, the Pope follows up his message for the World Day of Peace by again focusing on environmental problems, linking them to the need for moral education – and to the need to recognise the contribution of Christians in the public forum:

To Cultivate Peace, One Must Protect Creation

Celtic Tiger and Christian values

AMDG: Celtic Tiger and Christian values

Christians for Europe

AMDG: Christians for Europe

EU equal rights law

EUobserver: Catholics alarmed by EU equal rights law

Church enters the fray

EUobserver: Church enters the fray in European elections

Role of religion

EUobserver: Lisbon Treaty strengthens role of religion says EU

Cry for Peace

Whispers in the Loggia: Amid Gaza’s Suffering, a Cry for Peace

COMECE bedauert

Radio Vatikan: COMECE bedauert