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Agenda for Change

Rapid press release: Background information on Communications “Agenda for Change” in EU development policy and EU budget support

Rapid press release: EU development policy: Commission to increase aid impact, concentrating on fewer sectors, focusing on countries most in need

Aid and foreign policy

EUobserver: Outcry at EU plan to mix aid and foreign policy

Raw materials plan

EurActiv: EU vows to tackle ‘blood minerals’ in raw materials plan

Energy in Africa

Rapid press release: Energy in Africa: Commissioners Piebalgs and Oettinger launch the Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme

African elections

Presseurop: African elections, a naive European ideal?

On the other side of the Med

Presseurop: On the other side of the Med

‘Humane’ asylum policies

EUobserver: Malmstrom pledges ‘humane’ asylum policies

EuropeanVoice: Malmström strives for balance

Global resource crunch?

EurActiv: Raw materials: Heading for a global resource crunch?

Sharp drop in migrants

BBC: Spain sees sharp drop in migrants from Africa

Desmond Tutu

EUobserver: Archbishop Tutu: Rich nations ‘condemning Africa to incineration’