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Migrant policy criticised

BBC: France migrant policy criticised

Think “Fragile First”

Rapid press release: Think “Fragile First” warns European Development Report

Asylum Procedures

Rapid press release: Questions and Answers on the Commission Proposal to amend the Asylum Procedures and the Qualification Directive

Rapid press release: A single and fairer asylum procedure for a uniform status in the EU: putting in place the final building blocks for international protection

EurActiv: EU migration policy ‘on the wrong track’

European Commission: Asylum: common standards and higher efficiency

Development aid

Rapid press release: Nine out of ten Europeans still strongly support development aid despite the downturn


EuropeanVoice: Frontex ‘involved’ in return of migrants

Co-ordinated refugee resettlement

EUobserver: Commission proposes co-ordinated refugee resettlement across EU

FT: Brussels wants more refugees settled


BBC: EU plans to admit more refugees

Trade and development

Rapid press release: EU and Eastern and Southern Africa further trade and development partnership

Sing for their supper

European Commission: Sing for their supper. Music contest encourages young people to raise their voices against poverty.

EU-AU Scientific Partnership

Rapid press release: EU-African Union Scientific Partnership: €63 million to support research for Africa