All eurozone banks under ECB watch

EurActiv: Brussels wants all eurozone banks under ECB watch

Defending European democracy

Dilema Veche via Presseurop: Defending European democracy

European community

FAZ via Presseurop: Our true European community

World Water Week

Rapid press release: Statement by Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik on World Water Week from 26 to 31 August

EU – Middle East

The New York Times via Presseurop: Hezbollah – EU friend or foe?

Water management

EurActiv: Water Week chief: Better management, governance needed

Poll prayer

De Morgen via Presseurop: Poll prayer: Europe must vote


Dagens Nyheter via Presseurop: Europeans — too different to get on together

A threat to liberal reform?

The Guardian via Presseurop: Eurozone crisis threatens liberal reform

Future of Europe debate

European Commission: Future of Europe debate: Commission gives citizens a say in online consultation

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