Monthly Archives: August 2009

EU Services Directive

EurActiv: ‘Confusion’ as EU Services Directive deadline nears

Trade and development

Rapid press release: EU and Eastern and Southern Africa further trade and development partnership

Benefits of EU membership?

EurActiv: Tories question economic benefits of EU membership

EU authorities confronted

EUobserver: Kosovo leadership confronts EU authorities

G20 summit

European Voice: EU leaders set for September summit

EU’s strategic partnerships

EUobserver: [Comment] EU’s strategic partnerships lack content

Barroso’s ‘summer homework’

EurActiv: Barroso to unveil ‘summer homework’ next week

Solar thermal energy

EurActiv: Solar thermal energy ‘on the up’

New immigration rules

EUobserver: EU to table new immigration rules in September

EurActiv: Tragedy triggers plans for new EU immigration policy

Greece disregards climate change?

EurActiv: Environmentalists say Greece disregarded climate change