Monthly Archives: April 2008

Barroso to focus on social agenda

EUobserver: Barroso to focus on social agenda ahead of elections

New Italian commissioner

EurActiv: Barroso clears way for new Italian commissioner

Public access to EU documents

RAPID Press release: The European Commission proposes to improve public access to documents of the EU institutions

Turkey reforms controversial law

BBC: Turkey reforms controversial law

Child poverty in Europe

A film by the European Institutions:

A different view of the Lisbon Treaty


Professor: EU works well even without Lisbon Treaty

Interview: Lisbon Treaty ‘not as necessary as we thought’

EU ‘to sign Serbia deal’

BBC: EU ‘to sign Serbia deal’ on ties

SpiegelOnline: EU unterzeichnet Abkommen mit Serbien

“Access to documents” law criticised

EUobserver: Brussels criticised on access to documents law

Slovakia and the Euro

EUobserver: Slovakia set to get green light for euro entry

Parliament to expel business lobby group

EurActiv: Parliament to expel business lobby group