Monthly Archives: March 2011


EurActiv: Parliament half-opens its doors to OLAF

Libya coalition

EUobserver: Libya coalition: next step could be arms to rebels

Interconnected Europe

European Commission: Vision of an interconnected Europe

Tripartite Social Summit

European Commission: Tripartite Social Summit

EU citizenship

European Commission: Consular help for all EU nationals

Permanent euro shield

EurActiv: EU leaders thrash out deal on permanent euro shield

‘Social innovation’

EurActiv: Commission puts faith in ‘social innovation’ to tackle exclusion

Joint consular work

EUobserver: Joint consular work to reinforce ‘EU citizenship’

Mare Nostrum

La Repubblica via Presseurop: Dark clouds over Mare Nostrum

France rebukes EU energy chief

EUobserver: France rebukes EU energy chief over nuclear remarks