Monthly Archives: July 2010

Mixed messages for Turkey

FT: Mixed messages for Turkey on EU membership

EU’s media relations

EuropeanVoice: Rethinking the EU’s media relations

Audit on debt data

Council of the European Union: EU statistics agency to audit government reports on debt data

Iceland membership talks

EUobserver: Iceland membership talks formally begin Tuesday

A threat to social peace

EUobserver: Critics slams Europe’s rescue mechanisms as a threat to social peace

200 new LIFE+ projects

Rapid press release: Commission to provide €250 million for more than 200 new LIFE+ projects

Bank stress test

BBC: European bank stress test results awaited

EU farm payments

EUobserver: EU farm payments likely to be capped under reform

Phasing out coal subsidies

EurActiv: Commission proposes phasing out coal subsidies

Citizens’ petitions

EurActiv: MEP wants to scrap ‘entry threshold’ for citizens’ petitions