Monthly Archives: March 2008

Deal on Treaty ratification

EurActiv: Poland strikes deal on EU Treaty ratification

Bulgaria slammed over corruption

EUobserver: Barroso slams Bulgaria over corruption

Internet filters

Council of Europe: Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member states on measures to promote the respect for freedom of expression and information with regard to Internet filters

Delay in poll results

Mail&Guardian, South Africa: Concern over delay in Zim poll results

Zimbabwe votes

BBC: At a glance

Treaty concerns dismissed

BBC: Peers dismiss EU Treaty concerns

Schengen extended to airports

EUobserver: EU borderless zone to be extended to airports

Boycott rejected

BBC: Call for Olympic boycott rejected

‘Partnership of pioneers’

EUobserver: Sarkozy and Brown agree on ‘partnership of pioneers’

Education for 16 million children in Africa

The Guardian: Sarkozy and Brown promise ‘entente formidable’ Africa: U.S. $1 Billion Kick Start to Get Children Into Education