Monthly Archives: June 2011

EU financial tax

ThePaliament: Poll says ‘majority’ of citizens favour an EU financial tax

Iceland sets record

EurActiv: Iceland sets record in EU accession talks

Transparency register

TheParliament: Transparency register hailed as ‘great step forward’

Croatia’s membership

Consilium: Opening the way to Croatia’s membership

Migration and asylum policy

Rapid press release: European Council: The Commission will take forward and intensify the work on migration and asylum policy

Internal border rules

EUobserver: EU agrees to reform internal border rules

EU transparency register

EurActiv: Council ‘ready’ to join EU transparency register

Net neutrality

EUobserver: Netherlands first EU country to enshrine net neutrality into law

Food quality labels

TheParliament: MEPs voted for simpler food quality labels

Mixed progress on fundamental rights

European Commission: Mixed progress on fundamental rights