Monthly Archives: August 2011

EU budget conference

EurActiv: Commission to organise EU budget conference

Political appetite for eurobonds

EUobserver: Rehn questions political appetite for eurobonds

IMF issues warning

EUobserver: IMF issues warning about European banks

Corporate governance

Rapid press release: Corporate governance: companies need more flexibility if they are to thrive and survive, says EESC EESC hearing in Sofia on 2 September 2011

Ukraine’s future is with EU

EurActiv: Ukraine’s future is with EU, says president

Roma stories project wins award

Rapid press release: EU co-funded Roma stories project wins digital media award

EU Globalisation Fund

Rapid press release: EU Globalisation Fund support for workers increases three-fold in 2010 to over € 83 million

Libya conflict

EUobserver: Nato and EU prepare for imminent end to Libya conflict

World Humanitarian Day

Rapid press release: World Humanitarian Day: Honouring the people helping people

New ‘economic government’

EUobserver: Van Rompuy tipped to chair new ‘economic government’