Monthly Archives: October 2010

Tweaked treaty

EUobserver: EU leaders give green light to tweak treaty

EuropeanVoice: EU leaders agree ‘limited treaty change’

Many countries, one market

European Commission: Many countries, one market

Love the EU

EuropeanVoice: Reding tries to persuade citizens to love the EU

EurActiv: Filmmaker says movies can help solve EU’s ‘image problem’


Single Market

EurActiv: Commission lists 50 ideas to reignite Single Market

Nuclear waste

EUobserver: Brussels keen for EU states to bury nuclear waste


Blic via Presseurop: We can’t bluff our way to Brussels

The war of words

Presseurop: The war of words

Turkish accession

EUobserver: Far-right ‘lite’ to push for EU referendum on Turkish accession

European cities go green

European Commission: European cities go green

EU ‘free thought’ prize

EurActiv: Cuban dissident wins EU ‘free thought’ prize